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Simon Killen - Aztec International
A meeting with Wouter was always something to look forward to in a film market. He always had time for you, he pitched with style and passion. I always felt like I was travelling first class in his company, this is such sad news. Condolences to all who were close to him.

Bruce LaBruce
Although we never worked together directly, Wouter was always supportive of my work, encouraging and enthusiastic. He introduced me to a lot of great people internationally who subsequently showed my work based on his recommendation. I remember fondly in particular my experience of being given a retrospective at the Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival several years back. Wouter made sure that I was welcomed and celebrated in a city where my work was still somewhat controversial in terms of its sexual explicitness and political directness. I have so many fond memories of Wouter, extending back to his tenure at the Rotterdam Film Festival. I'm saddened by his premature passing and I celebrate his spirit and energy in the support and distribution of difficult and challenging films. Love you Wouter!! xxx Blab

nicholas chin
Wouter is a hero for young film-makers. I grew up watching his films, inspired by the courage in the choices of his films and thankful for making asian films that are different and that for me made a difference. He was always genuinely warm and supportive of those starting out and honest with his feedback. It is a shock that he has passed away and a great loss.

Jay Kim
You inspired me so much. We will miss you.

Gertjan Zuilhof
Sad to say that you went ahead of us in all respects.

Gertjan Zuilhof
Sad to say that you went ahead of us in all respects.

Stevie Wong
Wouter was one of the first people I ever met at Cannes Film Festival. Even though my work as a journalist rarely intersected with his, Wouter's unconditional acceptance of me into his world was something that I'll never forget. International cinema has lost a great champion. The cinema community has lost a great friend.

John Badalu - Q! Film Festival
My Condolences...May you find peace. Without Wouter's support, my film festival in Indonesia would remain unheard. I'm deeply grateful for what he has done to us. We definitely will miss you, Wouter!

Ada lee
Wouter was a gentle and generous boss. I will miss him especially his smile.

Wou-san, Always Arigatou(thank you)! We are too sad.

Paul Schwartzman
I arrived in Cannes and went right to Fortissimo and Wouter saw I was glum. Rather seriously, he said, "watch this." He quietly adjusted the TV monitor, stepped back, and clicked the remote. “Happy Together” blasted out full force! Wouter grinned, laughed, hopped on the coffee table, and danced!

Alice Bell
Wouter and all of you guys at Fortissimo made our film Suburban Mayhem happen! We feel like part of the family and we will miss him dearly. So many good times, great memories, a lovely friend and I'll never forget his smile. I'm thinking of you guys and missing Wouter. Alice. xxx

Mila Rozanova
Wouter was a very passionate and bright person. It's a great loss for everyone, all condolences to his family.

Silvia Wong
Wouter, your name will always be associated with all you’ve done for Asian cinema. My sincere condolences to your family.

Richard Tam
You are not leaving us, your smile, your sweetness, your bad cantonese, always in my heart. Thanks for believe me, care me... my dear friend, rest in peace! LOVE & KISS

Elle Travis Peterson
Wouter, thank you for the laughs and great conversations.... you were a true treasure and will be missed. My heart goes out to all of you at Fotissimo, Wouter's family and friends.

"It was not true", I screamed out when I heard about your departure. I called Winnie and she advised me to pray for you. I did last night and asked God to take care of such a person who carried warm, sunshine-like smile, always with passion for film making and life, as you. Miss you forever! With love and peace!

Hisami Kuroiwa
Dear Wouter: You were trying to make such an vision to the film culture. You were a risk taker, and idealist. You have left memorable footsteps to encourage filmmakers to take risk and understand a real cinema. We shall carry your legacy. I remember our conversation in Grand Hyatt in Tokyo about what kind of effort we have to make to carry for the sake of film culture. Peace and love, Hisami

Miss you deeply, Wouter

Mark Spratt
I am deeply shocked and saddened by Wouter's sudden passing. We had just set up a Cannes meeting last week. Wouter was an untiring advocate of quality cinema and his loss is inestimable. He was very generous and supportive of my company when we were both quite new on the scene and my sympathies are will all at Fortissimo who I know will continue the good work.

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